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Little Tigers (5-6yo)

Little Tigers (5-6yo)


The focus of our Little Tigers class is to continue building our student’s physical, mental, emotional and technical confidence.

The Little Tigers retain the OBSTACLE WARRIOR COURSE but the physical challenges are tailored to increase the challenge and built each child’s GRIT so they learn to persevere until they complete each new challenge.

This includes but not limited to:

  • Physical confidence – to participate confidently in all activities that targets, agility, speed, coordination, balance and strength,
  • Mental confidence – to be able to concentrate when given instruction and be able to focus when there is competing noise during class sessions,
  • Emotional Confidence – supported to have a healthy attitude of self – learning to manage own behaviour in class and have a respectful attitude at all times,
  • Technical Confidence – supported to improve on the correct techniques in kicking, blocking, punches and stances, when doing their poomsae (pattern or forms) for possible grading.