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Ninja Tots (3-4yo)

Ninja Tots (3-4yo)


The Ninja Tots class is a specialist 1 hr class designed specifically for 3-4 years old to build confidence and strength through structured activities and basic Taekwondo elements, targeting the development milestones of this age group ( Language, cognitive and movement).

The class provides a “Kickstart” to children’s learning and is good preparation for Kindy. There is a strong anti-bullying element embedded in the delivery of the lessons as each child learns protective behaviours in a fun but powerful way and are taught to identify and say “STOP” to a bully.

The focus in this class includes but not limited to:

  • building language confidence through simple greeting, saying the class affirmation (Ninja Tot Oath) and responding to simple instructions,
  • developing speed, agility, balance and coordination on the NINJA TOT OBSTACLE WARRIOR COURSE course and balance beams,
  • developing an understanding of left and right through the introduction of Taekwondo technical activities – basic kicks/blocks/stances,
  • building physical confidence through strength and conditioning activities such as tag-o-war, bear crawls etc, frog hops, ball games to develop eye hand coordination,
  • building resilience and courage through specific protective behaviour activities,
  • teaching mindfulness and self-care through meditation after each class.